Photos and Portraits of some of the people, places and events that occurred in the book

The Action was primarily set at Knockhall Castle. Here is a photo of the actual castle. Apologies for misleading you all with the cover but this photo is less mysterious or inspiring!

Knockhall Castle, Geograph

Ian Cleland / CC BY-SA

King James VI in a portrait by John de Critz in c.1605


King James VI a few years before his death in a portrait by Daniel Mytens c.1621

James I of England by Daniel Mytens

Anne of Denmark, also in a portrait by John de Critz in c.1605

Anne of Denmark 1605

Lord Maitland

The original uploader was Kittybrewster at English Wikipedia. / CC BY-SA

Jane Melville (she was known as Jane Kennedy and used her maiden name after marrying Andrew but to avoid confusion in the book she was referred to as Jane Melville). This portrait shows her on the left placing a blindfold on Queen Mary in a 19th century painting by Abel de Pujol


A painting of the Spanish Armada being defeated by Philip James de Loutherbourg in 1796

Spanish Armada

Witches kneeling before King James VI in a depiction of the North Berwick Witch trials in Daemonologie

North Berwick Witches

A drawing of the English expedition to the New World in 1590 by John White

The Englishmen's arrival in Virginia (1590)

Esme Stewart, the King’s first true love. Portrait painter is unknown but thought to have been painted in 1590 many years after his death

EsméStewart 1stDukeOfLennox Died1583 NationalGallery Scotland

Robert Carr, a ‘close’ friend of King James VI in a portrait by John Hoskins c.1625

Robert Carr, Earl of Somerset by John Hoskins

George Villiers, another ‘close’ friend of King James VI in a portrait by Rubens in 1625


The Banqueting House in London that King James VI built as it stands today

Banqueting House Interior
Grahampurse / CC BY-SA

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