Photos and Portraits of some of the people, places and events that occurred in the book

The Action was primarily set at Apsley House. Here is a photo of the actual house. Apologies for misleading you all with the cover but this is less mysterious.

Apsley House 1.JPG
CC BY-SA 3.0,

The famous William Salter painting of the 1836 Waterloo Banquet, the primary inspiration for this novel.


The statue of Napoleon gifted to the Duke. You can now view it in a self-guided tour of Apsley House.

Napoleon-Canova-London JBU01.jpg

The Duke of Wellington.

Sir Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.png
By Thomas Lawrence c.1815

The Prince of Orange c.1849 after ascending to the throne of the Netherlands.

King Willem II.jpg
By Nicolaas Pieneman

A potrait of FitRoy Somerset from 1855.

Public Domain,

The Ambassador from around the time of the banquet.

Karl Brullov 30.jpg
By Karl Bryullov

The King from around the time of the banquet

William in Garter Robes with his right hand on his sword and St Edward's Crown and sceptre beside him on a cushion resting on a covered table; in the distance to the right is a view of Windsor Castle.
By Martin Archer Shee 1833

Priscilla Fane

Priscilla (Wellesley-Pole), Countess of Westmorland, by John Rogers Herbert (1810-1890).jpg
By John Rogers Herbert (1810-1890)

The Waterloo Despatch painting by David Wilkie – the most expensive painting that the Duke ever purchased.

David Wilkie Chelsea Pensioners Reading the Waterloo Dispatch.jpg
By David Wilkie

The only known photo of the now extinct Quagga from 1870 at London Zoo

Quagga photo.jpg
By Frederick York (d. 1903) – This file comes from the Biodiversity Heritage Library, and is available online

Marengo – Napoleon’s horse as it is now displayed.

Marengo's skeleton November 2011.JPG
By Nick-DCC BY-SA 3.0,

Captain Barclay was a legendary figure in the sport of Pedestrianism. Here is what the scene would look like at the events.

BBC / Alamy

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